Extreme Audio-Video Issue 31: October 2001

Necessary supplement 96kHz sample rate converter - North Star Design Model 4



Η " μάχη " του CD με τα πιο εξελιγμένα φορμά, περνά σ' άλλο επίπεδοο, καθώς, με τη βοήθεια των upsamplers, το πρώτο προβαινει σε σημαντική αντεπίθεση... "


The "battle" of the CD with the newest formats goes to the next level as, with help of the up-samplers, the CD medium fights back....
The purpose of this review is the presentation of an up-sampler that, with regards to the final result, it seems that it does not have to be jealous of anything that the other famous brands advertise about, and it oofers all the positive advantages of this digital improvement with really little money... and actually with a costruction that is like a little precious stone, externally and internally.

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Ott, 05, 2001