North Star Extended Warranty Service


North Star Design products are really an long lasting investment in time for your listening pleasure. We are so confident about the build quality of our products that North Star Design offers an special extended warranty plan* for 10 years! We care for every our client no matter if you are the first owner or not. It doesn’t make any difference if you got a brand new nortstar product yesterday or if you bought it 20 yeas ago; you deserve this service because you owns an Northstar.

For 240€ (that cost you less then 2€ a month) you can get now a 10 year warranty for your North Star product. All you have to do is provide us the serial number so we can check if it is a regulary sold unit in your country. No worries about expensive shipping costs, in Europe they are included and in the USA we have a service department in order to avoid oversees shipping.


As special cybermonday week offer the cost of this service wil be only 199€ if purchased before 6 pm GMT the 5th of December 2016.
Paypal payment accepted.

Contact North Star Design for full details of conditions that applies to you.


*Excluded cd-mecchanisms and software compatibility with operation systems not officially on the market at the date of production of our product. Shipping costs and taxes outside Europe excluded. 

Nov, 28, 2016