This is Supremo

Supremo DAC is our flagship, the result of our digital and analog field know-how. The Supremo in each section is optimized to give the best audio performance. The Supreme manages to reach great peacks in audio playback thanks to a perfect synergy of DAC and analog stage made entirely by discrete components. Behind the choice of each element there are many hours of listening and measurements test sessions.
With the Supremo the music it will never be the same.

Technical specifications

  • Digital input frequency: 44.1 kHz to 384kHz, up to 32 bit – native DSD x64 – x128 – x256 (352,8-384kHz and native DSD on USB and I2S only)
  • Dinamic range: 132dB
  • Distortion: 0,00010% 0dB (balanced output)
  • Digital input: 4 S/PDIF (2 RCA coax, 2 TOSLINK) 1 AES/EBU (XLR)1 USB2.0 1 I2S
  • Analogue output unbalanced: 1 pair per channel on RCA connectors
  • Analogue output balanced: 1 pair per channel on XLR connectors
  • Main Voltage / Consuption: 230/115V 50/60Hz 10W – Stand-by 0,5W
  • Dimension: 17 in (W) x 7.5 in (D) x 3.1 in (H) - 43.5 cm (W) x 17 cm (D) x 8 cm (H)
  • Weight: 11,6lbs. (5,7Kg)

Driverless on Apple OSx and Linux