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North Star Design M192 DAC - Chris Report


This is the one I'm very excited about. I thought this technology will only be this affordable at least a couple more years from now but no, it is here today.
A product that you don't have to make any compromises or excuses just because it is affordable. Physically it looks superbly gorgeous and built like a tank. Feel the weight of this DAC and it tells you what you are paying for are inside. Whichever way you look at it, it gives outstanding value and pride of ownership to the owner and the sound system being used.
The North Star Design latest model - the M192 DAC is the BEST VALUE digital-to-analogue converter you can buy at the moment

The North Star Design Model 192 DAC represents a significant step towards bridging the price barrier gap of those super expensive, super technology acclaimed high ended brands equipment in the sound quality standards.
You can simply ignore the M192 DAC because it is not branded or it does not have a crazy price tag. But I bet you, once you have listened to this gem of a DAC, you will not be able to ignore its five-star / Class A sound quality or it's first rate, superb build quality and of course, it's price"...


Mag, 31, 2001