DAC Intenso

384-24 DSD d/a converter

Update driver 31/03/14

for Essensio, Essensio Plus, USBdac32, Fluxio, I²S-to-USB interface driver Mavericks

  • Avoid dropouts which could happen in some configurations which previous driver.

We recommend Integer mode setting for best audio quality.

The new DSD-dacs Impulso, Excelsio and Supremo which have a different technology don't need any driver for use with Mac.


The North Star Design is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of hi-end audio equipment based on high technology and refined sound. In all our products you can find our love for music and its correct reproduction.


Our philosophy is to have only one system, which represents the NSD sound, for each class of products. In order to be introduced in our catalogue, a new model has to perform significantly better than the previous one. So our units represents a long time investment with a very high second hand value. You can ask any time North Star Design for a unit check-up, upgrades or warranty extension. We think that the value of a product is increased by the support value at the customer.